Please come in and meet us and the most important people in our centre:
We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our tuition centre.
Warmest Regards

Zubair Ahmad
Director of Mentors ASC

My reasons for setting up a tuition centre are very simple: I did it because I care! I am passionate about education.

I care about the future of every child that I teach. Because I believe that every child should have the right start in life. I believe in nurturing that spark that lives inside every child, until it can breathe on its own. Then the child can take that tiny flame, feed it, nurture it and harness it into something spectacular. That is when I know, that yes, indeed, teaching that child was the best thing that I ever did! I believe that the best gift a parent/carer can give to their child is a great education.

We employ only the highest calibre of tutors, who share our ethics, our mission and our vision.

Our tutors also teach the 11+ and Entrance Exams for the Trafford Consortium of Grammar schools. Our tuition centres aim to bridge gaps of knowledge so that your child can build strong foundations in Mathematics, English and Science KS1-5 We are different from other centres: We do not give out or mark homework during the teaching session or waste valuable teaching time giving feedback during every session.
All our tutors are teaching only in their specialised field. Not one or two tutors who teach everything.

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